Why AnalysePeople?

Personal Approach

With over 10 years of in-house recruitment experience Analyse People is a specialized agency focusing solely on the mediation of Big Data professionals.

We offer a professional service towards our specialists by looking at each professional as an individual with its own specific needs. Working closely together, explaining each step to be taken to make sure we reach our common goal, finding you a new and exciting job in the fastest way possible.

Furthermore, we also use Big Data techniques ourselves. Having enriched our CRM system with an advanced NLP semantic search tool which enables us to make automated matches between our job seekers and current job openings.

Most of all collaboration to us means, never sharing personal details with companies without consulting our professionals first.


Working with AnalysePeople opens up a lot of doors. Our clients are best described as diverse. Spread throughout the Netherlands, from multinationals to innovative start-ups, active in almost every thinkable industry.

Most of our clients prefer to work with us exclusively. This means you can only be introduced to these companies by collaborating with us.

Members Benefits

Becoming a part of the club brings some additional interesting benefits. Specially for our members we organize monthly MeetUps, share interesting market insights, upcoming events and last but not least we offer a lot of discounts on obtaining certificates, attending master classes, books, seminars etc.