Specialist Network

AnalysePeople has a large network of specialists working in different sectors and different levels of expertise.

Here you find a summary of those most common specialist profiles we have within our network.


Level of Expertise                                                             Education                                                      Experience

Young Professional PhD/MSc/BSc 0 years of working experience
Junior Professional PhD/MSc/BSc 0-1 years of working experience
Medior Professional PhD/MSc/BSc 2-4 years of working experience
Senior Professional PhD/MSc/BSc 5-7 years of working experience
Expert PhD/MSc/BSc 8+ years of working experience

Most common Job titles

Statistician Market Analyst Risk Specialist
DBA/Marketer Chief Data Officer Data Scientist
Data Engineer Data Analyst Data Architect
Web Analyst Research Scientist Customer Insight Specialist

Sector Knowledge

Life Science Medical Pharmaceutical/Chemical
Banking & Insurance Logistics & SupplyChain Government
Engineering Energy Consultancy
E-commerce Automotive Construction