Why AnalysePeople?

With over 10 years of in-house recruitment experience, AnalysePeople is a specialized agency focusing solely on the mediation of Big Data professionals.

We offer a professional service towards our clients that can be best described as personal and professional while looking at each situation separately. Our service and working method has been created to explain to our clients exactly what to expect and to make sure the whole process is organized in the most efficient way possible. This enables us to work towards the/a common goal, finding the right professional within the shortest possible period of time.

Furthermore, we use Big Data techniques ourselves having enriched our CRM system with an advanced NLP semantic search tool that enables us to make automated matches between our job seekers and current job openings.

Above all, we will never share personal details of our specialists they require to remain private, before coming to a formal agreement and making sure we fully understand your needs first.