Way of Working

AnalysePeople works via a tought through working method in order to run a smooth and succesfull process.

Formal Agreement

After we have come to a formal agreement looking at terms and conditions we will start our search.

No cure no pay

We work according a “no cure, no pay” base. This means that you will only have to pay a fee when a placement of a professional has been made.

Understanding your needs

Before starting our search, we need to know your needs. During a conference call we will ask in depth questions regarding the role itself and discuss the ideal candidate profile looking at hard- and soft-skills which are required.

Reconfirming your needs

We will send a summary of what has been discussed and provide you with the possibility in adding of adjusting on this if necessary.

Meet in Person

After understanding your needs we always suggest visiting your office and meet you in person. First of all we like to be able to look our clients in the eyes and shake hands.

Furthermore it helps us form a better understanding of the vibe from within. Having “felt” a company from the inside not only helps us explain to our specialists’ the job specifications but also the company culture, which is often a very important part to take in consideration when taking on a new job.


To let the process run smoothly we work with predefined concrete appointments. These relate to

Interview dates
Interview process
Decision making process

Note: This process is being constructed by looking at the ideal start date of the specialist.

Qualifying candidates

We will actively approach our network and start by qualifying specialists who have shown interest by looking at their soft- and hard-skills.

We will than present to you a short list of best-fit professionals including;

The candidates most recent resume
A visual overview of the hard- and soft-skills of the candidate
A personal overview on how the qualified candidate came across
Reference Check (afterwards)

Note: Because of the high demand for these kind of specialists we do not meet all of our candidates in person. Though if you would like us to include this into our service this naturally can be arranged as well.

Scheduling in introductory meetings

If you show interest in our presented candidates we will schedule in a meeting for you. This can be a face2face meeting or Skype/Conference call as well.

We will confirm to you this made appointment by sending you an e-mail and invite for your  agenda. We will always ask for a confirmation of receival in order to be sure the appointment is properly planned.

Contract negotiation

As part of our service towards our candidates we offer to be their consultant during the contract negotiation.


After a successfully made placement we would like to evaluate. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves, therefor we ask our clients to grade us. We will sent you a document where we ask you to let us know on how you have experienced our service and on which points you feel we could still improve.

Furthermore, we normally schedule in so called after placement meetings, preferably when the new employee has started. This in order for us to be able to congratulate the employer in person and being able to discuss with you possible future plans.

Our goal is to work towards long-term relationships!