Way of Working

Getting to know you personally.

Before you decide that we may help you find a suitable job we will always schedule a conference call with you first. This call can take place during or outside office-hours.

Conference Call

During this conversation we will try and discover what you are expecting to find in a new job. We look specifically at the technical challenges, cultural fit and personal ambitions.

Yes, we DO meet in person

After you agree to us assisting you in finding a suitable opportunity for you we prefer to set up a face-to-face meeting as well. Because we understand the importance of a new career-step we find it important to build up relationships with our specialists.

Tailor-made solution

Based on your needs we formulate a tailor-made “game plan” in finding you the most suitable job in the most sufficient way.

We always recommend making use of our standard proven procedure which we developed specially to find our specialists the best matching job by looking at your personal needs and ambitions.

Pro-active approach

This working method can be best described as a pro-active approach towards companies which are expected to be able to fulfill your needs.

Organizing multiple job interviews at different companies creates opportunity and the ability to choose not only based on gut feeling, but a well-balanced decision by creating a reference.

Advice & Guidance

During our collaboration we will do whatever is in our power to guide you through this process.

Helping you in presenting you resume, share useful information on how to prepare a job interview and formulate killer questions you can ask during these interviews to find out if the company is indeed a good match for you.

Furthermore, we schedule in your appointments (and help you not forget them), negotiate your terms and conditions and guide you step by step towards your final agreement and to start a new and exciting job.